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Thermocouple material and what material is thermocouple made of ?


Thermocouple material and what material is thermocouple made of ?
Thermocouple material is used to make thermocouple temperature measuring element.Mainly metal materials, but also non-metallic materials, such as graphite.Widely used thermocouples are platinum rhodium/platinum thermocouple, nickel chromium/nickel silicon (aluminum) thermocouple, nickel chromium/constantan thermocouple, iron/constantan thermocouple and copper/constantan thermocouple.
Thermocouple is commonly used in temperature measuring instruments, it directly measures the temperature, and the temperature signal into thermoelectric electromotive force signal, through the electrical instrument (secondary instrument) into the temperature of the measured medium.The appearance of various thermocouples is often different due to the need, but their basic structure is generally the same, usually by the hot electrode, insulation sleeve protection tube and junction box and other main parts, usually with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic regulator matching use.
Thermocouple material and what material is thermocouple made of

The following is a description of various materials for various types of thermocouples
S-type thermocouple:Platinum rhodium 10-platinum thermocouple,
R thermocouple:Platinum-rhodium 13-platinum thermocouple
B thermocouple: Platinum-rhodium 30-platinum-rhodium 6 thermocouple
K thermocouple: Nickel-chromium-nickel-silicon thermocouple
N-type thermocouple: Nickel-chromium silicon-nickel-silicon thermocouple
E-type thermocouple: Nickel-chromium copper-nickel thermocouple
J thermocouple: Iron-copper-nickel thermocouple
T thermocouple: Copper-nickel thermocouple