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Office Address: No.720 Suide Road,Jiading district,Shanghai,China

About Shanghai MKYD

Shanghai MKYD Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, which is a brand company of CEPAI GROUP,developed the past two decades, a professional production and sales automation equipment, development, production, sales and service of high-tech technology companies, the company firmly believes people-oriented, quality win ,business philosophy, which has long been engaged in the oil, electricity, chemicals, steel, cement, food, textile, military, aerospace and other controlled areas of senior technical personnel, the company has been holding companies and foreign technical cooperation and exchanges, and constantly absorbing the latest technology and design, so that the development of products not only meet the domestic demand for the automation market, but also exported to different countries in the world.

Shanghai MKYD Instrument Co., Ltd. is professsional thermocouple manufacturer and supplier,mainly produce armored thermocouple, assembly thermocouple,high temperature thermocouple,wear-resistant thermocouple,explosion proof thermocouple and S type,R type,B type,N type,K type,E type thermocouple and other different thermocouple model and thermocouples, the temperature measure range from-200℃~1800℃.

Shanghai MKYD Instrument Co., Ltd. expands the internal and external commerce business, the company also produces and operation of automated instrumentation pressure instrumentation, temperature instrumentation, level instrumentation,automatic control valves, actuators and accessories and other high-tech products.
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